Free Online Game Mythos

Mythos is a fast-paced strategy game set in the world of Greek Mythology. Build your settlement, command your villagers, train your army, spy on your enemies and then conquer them!

Choose your favorite of the 12 Olympian Gods for your city to worship and select one of four hero classes to lead you in battle. Gather resources, level up your hero, train military forces, steal resources from your enemies, and then crush them in battle.

With a focus on settlement micro-management and old-school military strategy, Mythos is the game of choice for die-hard strategy gamers. Over 100 possible starting configurations for your settlement and updates every 40 days ensure that the game constantly has something new to offer.

Mythos is a free game that is played right in your browser, which means that you can quickly log in to play from anywhere, even work or school. No software needs to be downloaded and no spyware is contained within the game. Best of all, registration is free and takes only a minute or two, so you can be playing in no time!

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